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Health - Ancient Herbs - New Blend

Ancient Herbs

by Erika Eichelberger

Watching his mother die, Dr. James Chappell vowed to find a cure for the many diseases that had plagued this woman he adored. Connie Chappell endured lifelong pain, both physical and emotional, suffering through a youth of abuse and neglect, and later contracting diabetes and then cancer. Dr. Chappell, a chiropractic and naturopathic physician, clinical nutritionist and medical herbalist, refused to accept the conventional route his mother had chosen that caused her to die prematurely at 64. He set about investigating every possible contributor to her illnesses and published his findings in A Promise Made, A Promise Kept: One Son's Quest for the Cause and Cure of Diabetes, published this year by BL Publications. For 34 years, Dr. Chappell has done nothing but treat terminally ill people, and with phenomenal results: He has extended thousands of patients' life expectancies. In his book, Dr. Chappell provides a truly holistic approach to explaining the causes of virtually any illness and how to overcome them. Dr. Chappell demonstrates that it is not only nutritional deficiencies and toxic environments that can contribute to cancer, diabetes and other illnesses, but also improper hydration and oxygenation, neurological aberrations and the tremendous power of negative emotions and lack of spirituality. Dr. Chappell asserts that diseases like diabetes can be addressed with a combination of positive thought processes, a healthy lifestyle and herbal supplementation.

While the mental and lifestyle changes are up to you, Dr. Chappell has created the herbal formula Cinnamon 6™, which contains a powerful blend of plants, spices, herbs and one mineral, chromium picolinate, whose properties have been proven to support healthy blood sugar levels. In healthy systems, insulin helps cellular receptor sites attract glucose so that the cells can convert sugars, starches and other food into energy. But when the body does not produce enough insulin or is resistant to insulin, the result is diabetes. Dr. Chappell, however, has found that recent research reconfirms the natural abilities of cinnamon and six other age-old remedies-Gymnema sylvestre, Nopal cactus, American ginseng, fenugreek, bitter melon and chromium picolinate-to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Cinnamon, bitter melon and chromium all support insulin's action. Cinnamon's enhancement of the insulin-signaling pathway in skeletal muscle upregulates the glucose uptake of fat cells; bitter melon's structural similarities to animal insulin increase insulin secretion and thus glucose uptake; and chromium picolinate's properties enhance the metabolic action of insulin. Nopal, or prickly pear, the spice fenugreek and American ginseng all slow carbohydrate absorption, balancing blood sugar levels; ginseng also increases glucose transport and uptake, increases glycogen storage and modulates insulin secretion.

The leaves of the plant Gymnema sylvestre, which contain gymnemic acid IV, aid the release of insulin into the body. Though thousands of years of wisdom have prescribed these remedies separately, Dr. Chappell blends them all into one supplement. Combined, these seven ingredients pack a powerful punch to spur glucose metabolism and help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

References available at
The Doctors' Prescription for Healthy Living / Volume 9, Number 9

The book ,"A Promise Made, A Promise Kept" written by Dr. Chappell, may be found at Spirit Spas & Cabana Hair Salon for your convenience.

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