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Having a hard time trying to loss weight ?

Natural Food for Weight Loss

Thinking of going through a diet regime to shed off the excess pounds? You might be thinking of trying out those energy bars and diet pills to help boost your weight loss. But before you fire up your browser and start looking for diet products, there is a better - and safer - alternative. Many doctors are now encouraging going natural. That is, eating organic or natural food for weight loss.

The dangers of diet products

Nowadays, many specialists are discouraging the intake of diet pills and products. This is due to the recent discovery that diet pills, although work in the short term, are rejected by the body as time passes.

Scientists have found out that the body develops immunity against these diet pills, causing them to become ineffective in just six months. What's more, most, if not all, diet pills carry with them serious and uncomfortable side effects. Some work as laxatives, purging the body of all the so-called unwanted fats. While others claim to make the brain believe that it is already full.

Nevertheless, the US FDA has begun a crack down on fraudulent diet pills, which already became a lucrative billion dollar industry.

Go natural

There is a healthier and safer way to weight loss. Many are now encouraging eating natural food for weight loss. Natural food for weight loss is found in your neighborhood market, and does not contain any additives or chemicals that will pollute the body.

In dieting, the requirements for a healthy weight loss should include the following:

• Fresh natural food

• Nutritionally dense

• High in fiber

• Low in calories

• Low in fat

• Low in refined sugars

Examples Some of the examples of natural food for weight loss are as follows:

• Fruit

• Vegetables

• Legumes

• Wholegrain foods (muesli, oatmeal, whole meal pasta, etc)

• Baked potato

• Boiled brown rice

• Fresh fish

Phillip England is a weight loss expert and Author of the popular report "The Ultimate Weight Loss Secret". To receive your free information on the secret that doctors, and health companies either don't know, or don't want you to know, please see

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