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Pequot Lakes Historical Society

If These Walls Could Talk. . . . (part 4)

by Kathleen Tusa

Pfeiffer’s Pharmacy has been doing business at roughly the same location in Pequot Lakes since April 7, 1938. Actually that’s the date that Loy Pfeiffer took over the business. Previous owner was A. S. Rasmussen. All four of the Pfeiffer daughters, Mary, Joanne, Lois, and Kathleen, followed in their father’s footsteps and became pharmacists. Mary Pfeiffer continues to run the business today.

In the 1950s my friends and I would stop at the drug store after school. There was nothing like a lime phosphate or a cherry coke to refresh you while you talked over the events of the day. You could buy a fountain root beer, served in a pewter mug, for only a nickel.

In the summertime, a favorite concoction was the Whirl-a-whip. The fountain girls would put ice cream and your selected toppings in a metal funnel, place it on a machine, pull down the handle, and after a series of scraping, grinding noises, the softened and blended ice cream would come out into a cone. Much more exciting than today’s soft-serve cones.

At the Historical Society’s museum there is a display of interesting old bottles that held things like Oil of Lemon, Denatured Alcohol, Lupulin, and a mysterious container that says Pettit’s Pile Salve! But no Whirl-a-whip machine. Hmmm, maybe we’ll have to ask about that.

Do stop in at the Museum to see these and other reminders of the past here in Pequot Lakes. We’re open Saturdays from Noon to 4 PM. If you have a church group or youth group that would like to tour, call one of our officers to see what may be arranged.

Stop in at the museum to get a glimpse of the good old days and bring the grandchildren and tell your friends.

We’re open Memorial Day to Labor Day on Saturdays from Noon to 4 pm. Admission is $1.00 per person. Memberships to the Pequot Lakes Area Historical Society are available.

Arrangements to visit the museum at another time can be made by calling one of the Board members. Click this link for more contact information on the Pequot Lakes Historical Society.

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