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Preserve your precious memories

Framing & Protecting Your Percious Memories & Art - Part 1

Question: What is the purpose of matting? Is it just decorative? Can I do without it?

Answer: A mat can be aesthetically pleasing. But more importantly is the protection it supplies to your framed art piece, or photo, etc.

First, It gives your art piece support. It should be attached using methods that allow the art to expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity. If it is held down on all four sides, buckling will result because the art work can not expand. This may sound silly, but it needs room to move in the frame.

Secondly a mat permits air circulation. This will help so any humidity or moisture will not damage your art. (I have seen photographs stuck irreversible to the glass,). There are commercial spacers that can be placed under the lip of the frame between the glass and art work that will give you the same air circulation in the event that a mat is just not wanted.

The point is that glass should never be placed directly on your art!

Now for the fun part.

A mat can highlight a color, give depth,supply texture, and increase the overall size. When doing shadow boxes and collages a mat can join them all together to make it into one story. A mat should draw your eye into the framed art. The color and selection possibilities of matting are so extensive that you can work effectively with an older photo to stay in the same time period, or it can give a very modern and contemporary appearance to others.

Did you know that there are colors to work with all the professional and college sports teams?
You can have specialty cuts applied to a mat to make a more interesting presentation and to create a one of a kind piece. Don't be afraid to use more than one mat. If the colors are right, they will not take away from the framed piece. Matting is a truly wonderful presentation option. The possibilities are endless.

Written by Edie Peterson

For more information & help with your special items and art preservation. click here to go to The Framing Conection. They can help you with all your framing needs. The Framing Connection is located in Brainerd/Baxter, MN on Hwy 371 North.

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